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Fitzroy of London fittings are crafted in the UK giving a renowned team complete control over the production process from initial design to completion. The company works with clients to deliver bespoke products purpose-made for each individual project.


Where Inclusivity Meets Exclusivity

Fitzroy of London offer a completely bespoke service, our in house designers will work with you to deliver your design intent. From classic looks to contemporary new designs, our designers will help create products that will enhance & complement your project.

That’s why the work of Fitzroy of London’s dedicated professionals can be seen in  celebrated settings such as the Flemmings Hotel in Mayfair, Soho House in Hong Kong, Hotel Scribe in Paris, Soho House in Amsterdam and Le Meridien Visconti Hotel in Rome.

Studio Fitzroy is a world-class design studio creating spaces and products for the world's most presitigous properties.

Explore samples of Fitzroy of London’s peerless portfolio of work to discover an inspirational, design driven partnership can create truly premium results.

Embarking on a new design concept or reconfiguring a space can be exciting, daunting and sometimes challenging. At Fitzroy of London, our design team is on hand to guide you through the whole design process, from discovery brief to design development and delivery.

The team, each with a passion for excellence in design led accessibility fittings, is led by global accessible washroom design influencer Bradley Culmer. Bradley has delivered some of the world’s most impactful accessible washroom projects and will be proud to discuss how his colleagues’ exacting standards of excellence can be delivered to meet your design needs.

Fiztroy of London design, craft and engineer all our products in the UK.

Our in house design team will work closely with you to develop and deliver products for classic looks to conptemporary designs to enhance and complement your interior design.

Our work brings new levels of luxury and originality to the world of interior and product design.

For our team sumptuous design and skilled production isn’t enough, perfection in usability comes as standard while options such as removable fittings offer outstanding functionality for a property owner.

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Grantley Hall20210527122352
Drum Street20210427120131

Our products can be crafted & styled to suit any design, allowing for the same flawless finish throughout your project.

The days of ‘standard’ finishes being the only options for accessible washroom fixtures and fittings are long, long gone. When a washroom design demands a premium feel in every detail, a range of tactile, ultra high-quality finishes are now available.

Fitzroy of London offers both a bespoke Studio Fitzroy option, with in-house designers working in partnership with your team, and a range of core Collection finishes featuring contemporary and classic choices.

Fitzroy StudioOur products are completely bespoke and give you complete control over your vision, without compromise. From adaption to realising a new project we can work with you to provide the perfect solution.Go to Studio
Design LedOur studio works closely with interior design teams to develop products that are ahead of the curve from contemporary styling to classic elegance with an endless range of finishes available.Go to Studio


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