Adapting Design to A Changing World (And Much More): Insights from Hospitality Industry Leaders

Adapting Design to A Changing World (And Much More):

Insights from Hospitality Industry Leaders

When some of the hospitality sector’s trendsetting designers get together to talk design during turbulent times, and more, it’s definitely worth listening.

That’s why we’ve compiled some must-see quotes from the Hospitality Interiors coverage of the latest Hospitality Leadership and Design Conference, held earlier this year in London, into a single quick read overview.

Tip 1: Think Experience

The hospitality industry – of course – eats, sleeps and breathes the experience of final customers like no other sector.

That’s why Filip Boyen, CEO of Forbes Travel Guide, underlined the importance of end-user experience: “Truly amazing design is about and for people.

“Service standards need to flow in tandem with interiors and, of course, that doesn’t happen by accident.”

Senior Shangri-la Hotels and Resorts executive William Mackay agreed and added more advice: “Design has to feed into the overall experience.

“It’s also important to articulate who the audience is through that design. Which is why localisation is important…any hotel must embrace and be a part of the community.”

Tip 2: Working With Other Professionals

The event touched on an issue potentially familiar to us all: the possible clash between a building’s owner and the interior designer.

This could, however, apply to any two groups of passionate professionals.

Journalist and consultant Harry McKinley noted that designers can, at times, believe owners are “cost-obsessed, risk-averse and sometimes fail to see the commercial benefits of good design”.

But Grace Leo, of Grace Leo Consultancy, explained that “Ultimately it’s all about the relationship between owner and designer.

“If there’s a shared sense of values and similar approaches then there needn’t be those points of tension, because both are charting the same.

Tip 3: Change Fast

A panel of three leading designers – Beth Campbell, CEO of Wilson Associates; Ed Ng, co-founder and principal, AB Concept; and Margaret McMahon, senior vice president and global director of Wimberly Interiors – agreed that the ability to move designs on very quickly is now essential.

“At my own studio we have to make quick decisions and also have the ability to pivot quickly when we feel the winds changing. Where we haven’t got it right in the past, it was because we didn’t react fast enough when things weren’t going as expected,” Margaret McMahon explained.

Beth Campbell added that responding to the rise of the likes of Airbnb made this essential: “What seems disruptive now is inevitably going to become the norm.

“So, of course, we have to respond to that and consider innovative ways of doing things. Hotels have a great part to play in shaping how we live, work and socialise within communities.”

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