An Essential Partnership for Luxury Properties: How Fitzroy of London Can Help

An Essential Partnership for Luxury Properties

How Fitzroy of London Can Help

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Our clients know that a truly prestigious venue or residence needs to be the sum of its parts. This means every element has to be genuinely luxurious, in harmony with the entire project and ultimately created with a cutting edge ‘wow’ factor.

That’s why the Fitzroy of London’s experts are trusted by ambitious property owners across the world to help envision, develop and deliver high end washrooms with sumptuous quality and attention to detail.

The team, led by global accessible washroom design influencer Brad Culmer, can help deliver a head-turning washroom in three essential ways:

• Exclusivity meets inclusivity:

And, most of all, flexibility too. That’s because property owners have no need to compromise on washroom quality or visual impact to meet compliance or design needs.

Fitzroy of London’s peerless service combines compliance know-how with customisable design and finish options, from classic to ultra-contemporary, to create crafted washroom fixtures and fittings designed to celebrate their surrounds while satisfying every compliance and specification need.

• Luxury with durability in its DNA:

Fitzroy of London’s renowned luxury washroom experts can draw on two decades of experience within the NYMAS Group.

This means the NYMAS Group’s exceptional knowledge of supplying products designed for enduring performance in high-volume settings is also found at the heart of Fitzroy of London’s premium creations.

• Project ethics…in every detail:

The world’s leading properties don’t simply ‘meet’ compliance, design, accessibility and ethical standards. They stand apart by raising the bar.

Our clients are proud to show every single building user that their world-class property leads from the very pinnacle of inclusivity and innovation.

Fitzroy of London offers both a bespoke Studio Fitzroy option, with in-house designers working in partnership with your team, and a range of core Collection finishes featuring contemporary and classic choices.

To discuss your property and plans with a Fitzroy of London specialist call + 44 203 773 1050 or email

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