Choosing the Perfect Fitzroy of London Range for Your Next Project: A Guide for Professionals

Choosing the Perfect Fitzroy of London Range for Your Next Project: A Guide for Professionals

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We’re proud to offer one-on-one, knowledgeable luxury washroom advice to professionals like designers and architects on a daily basis.

But, for times when a quick reference is needed, this convenient, at-a-glance guide to every Fitzroy of London Collection range also offers a useful initial overview of how, and where, each range can be used.

Plus we’ve included some insights into the inspiration behind the design of each hand-selected group of prestige accessories.

Find out more below and, as always, simply contact us for advice and assistance. We’re here to help.

The Gosfield Collection

Ethos: Taking inspiration from our rich heritage in engineering and British manufacturing, the Gosfield Collection has been carefully designed to provide the epitome of class without compromising functionality.

Aesthetic: Synonymous with minimalistic design, this collection has been reduced to the basic geometric form of the cylinder and immaculately perfected. Clear lines are the hallmark of its design language.

The Hanson Collection

Ethos: Born from the well-known design principles of the early Modernist aesthetic of Purism, The Hanson Collection brings radical simplicity to this complete set of bathroom accessories.

Aesthetic: Clean lines and classical geometry meet precision engineering and options for customisation thus forming the perfect palette for creativity to flourish. The simplistic shape gives this collection a universal design language with a distinctively modern and high-end look.

The Constable Collection

Ethos: The Grand Dame of the bathroom, the Constable Collection refines contemporary interiors and is the defining accessory in a luxury washroom space.

Aesthetic: Meticulously crafted with hexagonal detailing and intricate details, the Constable Collection is unmistakeably opulent, as only befitting a design such as this, and therefore authentic through and through.

The Mortimer Collection

Ethos: A pure representation of uncomplicated aesthetics, our Mortimer Collection squared range has an assertive presence that exudes simplicity and creates balance in any room.

Aesthetic: With a sculptured composition based on rectangular prisms, this contemporary range of products meretriciously machined out of high-grade stainless steel is sure to provide that cutting-edge style to a luxury project.

The Bolsover Collection

Ethos: Defining the impeccable bathroom, the Bolsover Collection is a classical collection featuring exposed screws for a truly authentic period style with sumptuous visual impact.

Aesthetic: While bringing quintessentially British styling perfect for any luxury bathroom project, Bolsover accessories have been designed to compliment any environment with simple yet elegant stylings. They are available in a range of standard colours and our bespoke colour matching service is available on these products.

The Kirkman Collection

Ethos: Inspired by the renowned Art-Deco design period of the 1930’s, the Kirkman Collection combines Arts Décoratifs styling with fine craftmanship and rich materials.

Aesthetic: The range proudly represents the luxury, glamour and exuberance from this celebrated period. After all, Art Deco was a pastiche of many different styles, sometimes contradictory but united by a desire to be modern.

The iconic Kirkman Collection, crafted from solid stainless steel, shines from the inside out. Its charismatic design exudes radiance. A fitting that never goes out of style, the versatility of The Kirkman Collection brings both classic and progressive appeal to the bathroom space.

Working with Fitzroy of London

In addition to these collated Collection options, Fitzroy of London also offers bespoke Studio Fitzroy collaboration allowing in-house designers, working in partnership alongside your project’s design professionals, to create tailored, premium solutions.

This flexibility, and deep knowledge of complaint luxury washroom design, is the reason why Fitzroy of London’s creations can be found in high-end venues, such as five star hotels and private clubs, worldwide.

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