Going Beyond Compliance

Going Beyond Compliance

Accessibility, Inclusivity and Ethical Projects

What happens when a design uses accessibility compliance as a starting point…not as a finishing line? And how can we help make this happen?

Fitzroy of London Director and global accessible washroom design influencer Bradley Culmer, veteran of some of the world’s most celebrated hospitality washroom projects, explores some accessibility essentials:

“It’s a cliché to say there are no traffic jams on the extra mile but it is unavoidably true: premium, design led buildings need premium, design led details. They have demanding users who expect their experience interacting with the building to be consistently excellent at all times. Not only does delighting users make for a more complete project but joining the ranks of accessible washroom trendsetters will mean a truly luxury project. This brings obvious benefits to not just the inclusivity element of the project’s ethics but positives for the very identity of the project and building itself


The hidden benefits of designing in a luxury accessible washroom

“Ultimately, a luxury accessible washroom is a compliant washroom as – in the case of Fitzroy of London – a project is overseen by compliance specialists who ensure compliance, and beyond, as standard. Also, a luxury washroom ensures uncompromisingly high quality fixtures and fittings designed to create a lasting impression now and well into the future”

“Because those who lead the way in the premium accessible washroom sector have a lifelong passion for their work you’ll find rapid access to CAD and BIM files, deep subject knowledge and a dedication to your project to be a given.
“For example, the Fitzroy of London team work as professional partners for a project by working with you before during and after for peerless outcomes.”

Our portfolio of work features some of the most challenging briefs in the global accessible washroom industry. Our team is proud to accept the most demanding of design needs from exacting clients and does so with spectacular results.

Ultimate sophistication

Ultimately, all users of the world’s prestige properties expect consistency, excellence and superb usability in every detail. For a truly luxury property an accessible washroom must exceed this expectation…ask us how we can bring this to life for your project.

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