Dare to Do Doc M Differently? Creating a Truly Unique Washroom

Dare to Do Doc M Differently? Creating a Truly Unique Washroom

We’re proud to be part of an exciting time for designers, architects and venue owners for one simple reason: the range of accessory finishes, forms and features available in 2021 means washroom spaces can now match the very limits of our imaginations.

This means that, thanks to that huge range of options and customised products now possible, every luxury washroom can be genuinely unique.

But for professionals working on a new project this can sometimes present one challenge: where to begin?

Our blog explains how the process of daring to do Doc M differently can start to take shape in three simple ways.

Luxury Doc M: Demand More to Achieve More

When a very special venue demands very special attention to detail, there’s a clear opportunity to step ahead of competitors by leveraging the range of premium washroom fittings and accessories available.

After all, this ambition to see beyond dull, standard washrooms can have a huge impact on clients, projects and end users.

There are three ways to be sure of high-end, unique results:

  • Finish matching: For example, grab rails can now be matched with existing brassware to create a washroom where every element works in harmony 
  • Feature matching: Would removable fittings benefit the end user? 
  • Design matching: Rail design can be matched to the right form for a washroom or even customised to create a sumptuous washroom space

For help to make the perfect choices for every project simply contact our specialist team. We’ll be glad to help.

Let’s Create a Lasting Impression…Together

When unique, world-class properties deserve the very best from compliant wash washroom fittings, owners and professionals turn to Fitzroy of London to deliver the very pinnacle of high-end inclusivity design innovation.

Fitzroy of London offers both a bespoke Studio Fitzroy option, with in-house designers working in partnership with your team, and a range of core Collection finishes featuring contemporary and classic choices.

To discuss your property or project with a Fitzroy of London expert call + 44 203 773 1050 or email sales@fitzroyoflondon.com.

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