Discover Three Ways This Sumptuous Washroom Project Raised the Bar

Discover Three Ways This Sumptuous Washroom Project Raised the Bar

We were recently asked for a ‘perfect’ example of the results an ambitious, luxury-focussed property owner, architect, designer or consultant can achieve when creating a high end accessible washroom.

The answer, however, may surprise those familiar with the renowned work of Fitzroy of London designers.

Their choice? Not the polished nickel elegance of Fitzroy of London’s products for the Le Meridien Visconti Hotel in Rome, nor any from the countless international examples like of the fine brass fixtures and fittings devised for Soho House Club in Hong Kong.

New Drum Street Maroon Black & White Tiles Washroom

Instead, Fitzroy of London’s work on one project closer to home – a hotel at New Drum Street – combined three very specific features to show that a head-turning accessible washroom designed to work in harmony with a space as well as delight guests is within reach of any quality hospitality venue:

1. A simple brief:

The award-winning designers and architects, Dexter Moren Associates, very wisely wanted the hotel’s accessible washroom fixtures and fittings to match the details already in place, specifically an existing tap design.

By the commissioning of Fitzroy of London to create customised and fully compliant products to meet this brief, the hotel could boast a range of luxurious, accessible washrooms so every guest could enjoy sumptuous attention to detail in every space.

2. Peerless adaptability:

Removable products were created to make sure washrooms retained the same high standards of luxury and finish at all times but could also adapt the rooms for every user.

This meant an extra layer of flexibility to allow the hotel to meet the demands of exacting guests.

3. A very specific budget:

A relatively challenging cost limit meant Fitzroy of London’s solution had match the quality standards seen elsewhere in the hotel but do so in a cost-efficient way.

That’s why a bespoke customisation, creating a flange matching existing taps, was combined with the Fitzroy of London Hanson range of products to devise the perfect balance of individuality and cost.

Jayden Culmer, a Fitzroy of London specification specialist, proudly explained: “Fitzroy of London provided the interior designers with the opportunity to translate their design ideas into a fully compliant scheme for this hotel.

“Offering an unrivalled range of luxurious finishes, Fitzroy of London was able to supply a unique solution for this project through a carefully curated selection of products. Bespoke customisation of this range ensured that the accessories offered an exact match for this scheme.

“The products have since received hugely positive reviews as they accessible accommodation that not only exceeds current building regulations but also ensures that guests have a first-rate experience that is reflective of the design, quality and luxury elsewhere in the hotel.”

Fitzroy of London offers both a bespoke Studio Fitzroy option, with in-house designers working in partnership alongside design professionals to create tailored solutions , and a range of core Collection finishes featuring contemporary and classic choices.

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