Every Trendsetting Washroom Design Starts with One Simple Consideration

Every Trendsetting Washroom Design Starts with One Simple Consideration

The most head-turning, talked about and pacesetting washroom designs we’ve helped create have all started out with an unapologetically ambitious approach.

One where ‘we don’t believe in standard’ is a shared maxim between every professional involved in the project.

And the one aspect of washroom design where this can always be seen? In the finish chosen for washroom fixtures and fittings.

That’s why designers, architects and consultants often turn to Fitzroy of London in these situations because our near-limitless range of finish options means they can demand customised results for truly unique spaces.

Fitzroy of London Director Brad Culmer and his renowned design studio team members believe an exceptionally premium washroom accessories finish can be seen in every great washroom with luxurious attention to detail in its DNA.

Choosing an Impactful Washroom Accessories Finish

Not everyone is aware that accessible bathroom packs can go beyond a chrome, generic and uninspiring appearance.

That’s why, for superbly impactful final results, we strongly recommend discussing the proposed design and any existing finishes (eg brassware) with a Fitzroy of London specialist for help to compile the finish options available.

Fitzroy of London’s luxury accessible washroom accessories team can advise on:

Head-turning premium finishes: Like brushed bronze or brass

Customised finishes: Such as products to beautifully match existing brassware

Washroom accessory design: From classic to contemporary

Exclusive aesthetics with compliance support: Know-how and support to meet any local regulatory requirement

Our goal is simple: to clients create jaw-dropping washroom spaces through an uncompromising belief in luxury design and customer service excellence.

New Drum Street Maroon Black & White Tiles Washroom

Working with Fitzroy of London

Explore Fitzroy of London’s celebrated portfolio of work to discover how an inspirational, design-driven partnership can create truly premium results.

We work with owners, designers, architects and professionals to bring peerless design and compliance expertise to exacting luxury projects.

To discuss your property and plans with a Fitzroy of London specialist call + 44 203 773 1050 or email sales@fitzroyoflondon.com.

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