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Kingsway Hall20210629131312
Grantley Hall20210527122352
Drum Street20210427120131
Great Scotland Yard20201216164330
Menorca Hotel – Experimental Group20200915171754
The Dumont – London20200915170127
Le Meridien – Rome20200915154715

Our passion for the very best in design and finish for every client starts with the very first discussion.

Prospective clients who contact Fitzroy of London will immediately find that we never seek to simply match existing products arounds a customer’s needs. Instead, we set out to find the right combination of options – including bespoke design if required – to surpass every expectation.

Working in a consultant role alongside fellow designers or delivering an entire design from start to finish, our goal is nothing short of an impactful, sumptuous space worthy of the most demanding client.

Projects will be overseen by global accessible washroom design influencer Bradley Culmer, who is recognised as thought leader and veteran of some of the world’s most exacting accessible washroom projects.

Let's work together to make interiors
that leave a lasting impression

Your project deserves a renowned team already trusted worldwide for peerless results.