The Importance of Colour

The Importance of Colour

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Interior design is a creative discipline that involves the organisation of a particular space for a particular purpose.

Briefly, the purpose of interior design is to achieve a healthier and more aesthetically pleasing environment for the end user through the organisation of the elements of interior design.  Colour can be used over an entire space or it can be used to highlight a particular area. Colour can also be used to correct any less than perfect proportions within the space.

Colour helps create a contrast again the marble, making a design statement through the use of this colour. It is also important to consider the connotations of colours used, gold has connotation of luxury, wealth, eloquence etc., these connotation are suitable for prestigious projects.

It's the little things that count.

Attention to detail can make all the difference to a project. From the quality of the craftmanship to the products themselves. Every element of a high-end project comes under scrutiny and the simplest thing can shatter the feeling of an environment.

The wrong finish on a light switch, miss-matched accessories, or un-evenly grouted tiles. A designer’s job is to create a space that people want to be in, use, or enjoy. Ensuring the right products and people are selected to bring that vision to life can be challenging to say the least.

Getting a standard finish across a project can be incredibly difficult, with tap manufacturers offering different colours to the ironmongery suppliers.

Imagine the situation, the perfect tap, in the perfect finish… but nothing else matches it? The towel rails, toilet roll holders and other accessories are all in a similar but not quite right shade, it’s the best option but is it the right one…

Fitzroy of London can finish products to match any desired finish, polished, brushed or waxed. Helping you achieve the desired effect through your project without any compromise.

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Overall, as we can see, colour is important to highlight a particular area or to correct any less than perfect proportions within a space. Thanks to today's development and innovation in manufacturing, it is now possible to settle for nothing less than perfection in terms of the element of colour for your project.

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