Interior Design

Fitzroy of London’s timeless and elegant interiors can be found in some of the world’s most exclusive locations. Our projects bring new levels of luxury and originality to the interior design world and are always completed with unparalleled levels of client service.

Embarking on a new design concept or reconfiguring a space can be exciting, daunting and sometimes challenging. At Fitzroy of London, our interiors team are on hand to guide clients through the whole design process, from discovery brief to design development and delivery.

Flexible; we can work in a consultant role alongside fellow designers or we can oversee, monitor and supervise the entire project, from start to finish.

To ensure your experience as a client is smooth and without difficulty, we follow the below stages, methodically working thought each stage, to ensure every detail of the brief is covered.

Stage 1 Project beginning

Stage 2 Programming

Stage 3 Concept Development

Stage 4 Design Development

Stage 5 Design implementation

Stage 6 Project Supervisor

Stage 7 Post completion

For more information, please contact the Fitzroy of London team.