Choosing The Right Hotel In London

by Fitzroy of London

If you are planning a London stay, you could easily feel overwhelmed by the extensive choice of hotels in the capital.

The hospitality industry boasts over 45,000 hotels in London alone, which equals around 730,258 rooms. With whopping figures like that and a crowded market actively competing for custom, it’s understandable that deciding on the right hotel is difficult decision to make.

A hotel experience can make or break your holiday and make the difference between remembering it fondly or looking back in horror. So do take a little time to make your selection instead of diving straight in.

With all of the above in mind, Fitzroy of London would like to offer the below advice and factors to take into consideration when booking a hotel in London:

  • Do your homework

    This is the first step and perhaps the most important. While you are looking at hotel websites, give preference to those websites that have a wide range of accommodation options available in the city.

  • Consider your options

    Whilst you are browsing through a hotel website, make sure that you read each section given on it. Sometimes, there are special offers and packages on selected hotels that may not be visible on the website homepage.

  • Keep your budget in check

    As with any trip, plan your budget well in advance – especially the budget for your accommodation. Formulate the projects of both your maximum and minimum limit of your accommodation budget, taking a number of factors into account, including location, facilities, star ratings and services.

  • Refer to a map

    If you want your hotel in London to be at a comfortable distance from the city centre, then always refer to a map whilst you are deciding on your desired hotel.

  • Mark out your priorities

    Such as, whether you want your hotel to be close to Central London or not and stick to them.

  • Go Direct

    Although you are probably familiar with websites like and Trivago, it’s probably worth taking a look at the hotel’s website which may have special offers and money off promotions.

  • Read Reviews

    Reading reviews is a key part of choosing hotels today. It is worth reading previous visitors reviews and ratings, as it will help you to see if certain hotels will meet your needs and expectations.

  • Are you traveling as a couple or family?

    If you’re travelling as a couple, your needs are likely to be very different than if you’re travelling as a family, so remember to bear this in mind when making your hotel selection.


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