Design Led...

by Fitzroy of London

What is design led? Design is a tricky thing and the question ‘what is good design?’ can vary from one person to the next and is often a very subjective topic, one of the phrase we hear a lot about now is ‘Design Led’, but what exactly does this mean?


Following the latest design trends is one way to stay relevant, whether its rose gold taps, a revival of art deco or a penchant for Danish design, but its staying ahead of everyone else that allows for truly unique ideas. Taking elements from different aspects of design and bringing them together to form a new style and introducing new ideas all work towards exceptional design.


Traditional design from the past like architecture has the ability to stay timeless and give added depth to design when mixed with contemporary surroundings. Edwardian, Victorian, and Georgian architecture like Richard Norman Shaw and Sir Edwin Lutyens work and interiors have design elements that can transcend design trends and fit seamlessly within and environment.


When designing, considerations for the impact an environment will have on the audience needs to be considered, weather its dining, sleeping or relaxing, choosing the right tone for a space is paramount. Get it right and you can control the way and environment is experienced creating a unique opportunity for designers to create new and exciting spaces.


Selecting the right people to bring your vision to life is paramount in the success of a project. Sharing passion and design understanding of a brief will ensure that a clear design intent is achieved. Partnering in itself can create successful collaborative relationships where different ideas are brought forward to produce environments that are emotive and considered by all to be great examples of design.


So, what is design led? It’s knowing what the current trends are, using this as inspiration and drawing on designs of the past and new ideas to create something unique and with the power to draw on emotions. Design led is of the now, but also the past and the future.

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