The Importance of Bathroom Grab Rails

by Fitzroy of London

You might think the kitchen, with its hot stoves and sharp utensils, would be the most dangerous room in your home, but it’s the bathroom. With a high-number of falls and slips occurring daily.

If you or a family member suffer from balance problems or other instability issues, having bathroom grab bars is an extremely important part of making sure you have a safe environment. The bathroom is one of the most common areas in a home for accidents to occur; fortunately, with a little planning and a few simple preventative measures, you can make your bathroom safer and more accessible for your family.

There are several hazards and obstacles within a standard bathroom which could result in an injury. From slippery surfaces that make getting in and out of the bath or shower difficult, to badly positioned toilets.

Grab rails placed next to the toilet, as well as in the bath or shower can provide the added security you need to protect against falls. Whether you’re concerned about someone with limited mobility, a young child or even a senior citizen who might not be as sure-footed as they once were, strategically placed bathroom grab rails offer an important measure of security for every member of your family.

Grab rails are designed to support people’s weight. By holding on to a grab rail whilst walking into a bathroom, sitting on and getting up from the toilet, and entering and existing a shower or bath, one can be assured of better balance and the extra support. With grab rails, the risk of slipping and falling is significantly reduced.

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