Luxury Bathrooms; up in the air!

by Fitzroy of London

As first-class products continue to evolve, one of the best areas where airlines seem to be innovating is the onboard bathrooms, providing a luxury bathroom experience for passengers.

Here are just a few of the many aircrafts with fascinating bathroom facilities:

Emirates A380 – First Class

Emirates is hands down the winner on the bathroom front. Onboard the A380’s, they have two first class shower suites, equipped with heated floors, luxury toiletries, and most importantly a shower. As a first-class passenger, you can schedule a shower at the beginning of your flight, and whilst there’s no time limit to how long you can use the shower spa, you’re limited to five minutes of water.

Lufthansa A380 – First Class

While there might not be a shower onboard, Lufthansa has two huge lavatories at the front of the upper desk of their A380s, each equipped with a bench and a urinal.

Thai A380 – First Class

Thai also has luxurious bathroom facilities at the top of the upper deck of the aircraft. The slight downside is that there is only one.

ANA 777-300ER – First Class

ANA’s premium cabin lavatories on the refurbished 777-300ERS have bidet style toilets.

Cathay Pacific 747 – First Class

While perhaps not as extravagant as the other bathroom facilities, Cathay Pacific’s two first class bathrooms are spacious and feature a ‘real sink’.


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