An Untapped Source of Help for Your Business?

An Untapped Source of Help for Your Business?

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Last year, as part of work to continually improve Fitzroy of London and – most of all – the service we provide, we increased our blog and email publishing to give more capacity to reach customers with things like helpful product and design insights, awareness of washroom inclusion issues and reminders of the assistance the Fitzroy of London can give to get the best possible results from luxury accessible washroom products.

We’ve also been able to go ‘behind the scenes’ with Fitzroy of London’s specialists more often and, therefore, share information the group of professionals we are proud to call our clients can use in their own companies.

That’s why our latest blog asks our Product and Innovation Manager John Taylor to explain how we’ve used ‘Knowledge Transfer Partnerships’ (KTPS) to link with a university to access the latest academic thinking as a resource to continually improve our work.

We hope his insights might help some of our customers during these challenging times.

Why KTPs? Introducing Knowledge Transfer Partnerships.

John pointed out that businesses taking part in KTP collaboration “benefit by gaining access to the vast knowledge base and facilities offered by the university” and emphasised that they also have the advance of “having a dedicated team from the university tasked with delivering the project”.

“Meanwhile, the students benefit from the opportunity to put their academic learnings into practice in a working environment on a project that can offer real benefits to a business.”

The Product and Innovation Manager, whose headline advice for businesses taking part is to “define clear goals and objectives from the start of the project”, strongly recommends the use of KTPs to other companies.

The next round of KTP applications will open on 8th February 2021. A useful overview from the previous round can be found here.

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