Matching World-Class Hotel Design with Doc M Compliance: A Trendsetting Success Story

Matching World-Class Hotel Design with Doc M Compliance

A Trendsetting Success Story

What happens when a high-end, prestige hospitality space demands a compliant washroom designed to truly work in harmony with its surroundings?

Thankfully, this exact challenge cuts the very core of Fitzroy of London’s passion: fusing inclusivity with uncompromising exclusivity.

And that’s why London’s stunning The Stratford now features luxurious Gosfield washroom fixtures and fittings designed to celebrate, and integrate with, the venue’s uber-luxurious design.

The Hotel

A spectacular destination hotel, The Stratford features a triple-height lobby and sky terrace leading to an imposing glass atrium. Its aim? To evoke the timeless glamour and maverick social spirit of New York’s legendary long-stay hotels.

The interiors, by renowned designer Space Copenhagen, meld Scandinavian style with old-world opulence via serene pastel tones, natural timbers and elegant stone bathrooms.

The Accessible Solution

The hotel’s compliant washrooms must, of course, compliment their sumptuous surroundings.

Therefore Fitzroy of London’s design-led Gosfield products were selected thanks to their simple lines and stylish finish; both aspects ideal for working perfectly with the interior design scheme set out by Space Copenhagen.

The Lesson

Because the products chosen are removable and can be uninstalled, the hotel now enjoys an adaptable but unapologetically cutting-edge answer to the challenge of making inclusivity meet world-class exclusivity. Most of all: it’s the result of taking an ambitious, demanding approach to accessible washroom design.

With the ‘wow factor’ guests expect from such a prestigious location now proudly displayed in every detail, the hotel’s washrooms truly embody the style demanded by this ground-breaking hotel.

Working with Fitzroy of London

Explore samples of Fitzroy of London’s peerless portfolio of work to discover how an inspirational, design-driven partnership can create truly premium results.

The renowned luxury accessible washroom specialists collaborate with owners, designers, architects and professionals to bring peerless design and compliance expertise to exacting luxury projects. To discuss your project with a Fitzroy of London specialist call +44 203 773 1050 or email