Maximising the Potential of Your Accessible Washroom Design

Maximising the Potential of Your Accessible Washroom Design

Designers working on some of the world’s most prestigious hospitality projects often have one thing in common: a belief that every single detail of a truly impactful washroom design should be in tune to create perfect harmony in a design.

It can be easy to overlook, however, that this strive for perfection should also extend to premium accessible washroom fixtures and fittings.

Bradley Culmer, Fitzroy of LondonDirector and a global accessible washroom design influencer, explains how to make sure the look, feel and experience of a hospitality washroom maintains a luxury, high-end standard in every possible way:

1. Finish matters

“Designers can now aim as high as their imagination desires when it comes to accessible washroom fixtures and fittings. As these head-turning examples in our sample portfolio of work all show, the choice of finishes now available – including many from our Collection range – is almost limitless.”

2. Go bespoke

“When a space demands a product with a unique design or finish the good news is that accessible washroom fixtures and fittings can be crafted and styled as a bespoke piece of work to create a flawless final result.”

3. Leverage support

Complimentary compliance and technical advice is available – just ask – while a complete design consultation service can also be used to group a project’s designer and the Fitzroy of London design studio together as a team to create a world-class collaboration.”

To discuss your next accessible washroom project contact a Fitzroy of London design consultant.