The Conduit, Private Members' Club - London

The Brief

The Conduit’s design draws inspiration from two distinct aesthetics. We have embraced the simplicity, functionality and uncluttered minimalism characteristic of Scandinavian design and then infused this with moments of vibrancy, color and texture derived from artisans working in the global South. The result is a space that is elegant but also informal and intimate – a perfect setting for creativity, inspiration and collaboration.

Handcrafted Techniques

We have sourced exquisite ceramics, hand-dyed carpets and natural materials from specialist artisans in remote parts of South Africa and Swaziland. Intricately carved pots, baskets and hand-woven tapestries will be featured throughout the building, all having been made by social enterprises that use craft to promote economic independence.

A Biophilic Environment

The Conduit is applying energy saving and biophilic design principles to limit its carbon footprint. We are working with Margent Farm, an eco-farm in Cambridgeshire that grows hemp crops for construction and plastic alternatives. We have applied a hemp-based plaster to various walls in the building to provide better insulation and air quality.

Local at Large

The Conduit is also supporting UK-based craftsmen and women. We are working with Sitting Firm, a group of leading furniture designers dedicated to the responsible use of British woodland, to create a beautiful range of bespoke chairs.

The Solution

Fitzroy of London were privileged to design, finish and supply bathroom accessories for this project. Working alongside Russell Sage, the product finish was unlacquered brass and polished chrome.


Client Name
Paul van Zyl
Russell Sage
Interior Designer
Russell Sage