The Key to Trendsetting Hospitality Washroom Design

The Key to Trendsetting Hospitality Washroom Design

The most talked about, award-winning and truly pacesetting hospitality washrooms tend to leverage a simple, but powerful, resource available to ambitious designers.

That’s because the ability in 2020 to use fixture and fitting customisation to enhance a luxury washroom space brings clear benefits for any designer determined to stand apart from the crowd.

Fitzroy of London’s Director, and global hospitality washroom design influencer, Bradley Culmer explains:

Harmony Not Compromise

“An exceptional space needs exceptional attention to detail and, whether it be a freshly constructed destination hotel or a bold new look for a building, the ability to reflect important details elsewhere in the finish, style and shape of accessible washroom fixtures and fittings will always make a huge difference.

“For example: stunning brass grab handles can be created to match the shape of showpiece vintage taps or tactile matt black accessories can mimic a hotel’s overall design theme.”

A Design Partner

“Working with a company with a passion for unique accessible washrooms means advice, experience and support at every stage to help create genuinely head-turning results.

“Entering into the luxury, customised niche in the sector means this level of assistance, right up to a full washroom design partner, is available and has been the key to some of the most prestigious hotel washroom designs.

Accessibility Ethics

“For projects where inclusivity is sought above and beyond the bare compliance minimum, creating a beautiful, accessible washroom with customised fixtures and fittings means a clear sign that ethical standards sit at the heart of a design.

“Owners of prestige hospital venues also expect guests to discover superb attention to detail in every space within a venue, no matter what their accessibility requirements may be.”

Need help with your next project? Fitzroy of London’s specialists help create high end hospitality washroom accessories, and spaces, through Core Collection products, customised fixtures and fittings, and even full Studio Fitzroy design partnerships.

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