A Promising Year for Luxury Doc M: The Opportunities Offered by 2021

A Promising Year for Luxury Doc M: The Opportunities Offered by 2021

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Managing upturn in demand in 2021

Premium accessible washroom specialists at Fitzroy of London have been seeing a sharp upturn in demand for their trendsetting know-how as well as signs of a strong year for architect and consulting partners, including those focussing on prestige hospitality clients, who specialise in Doc M.

Why? The positive indications aren’t solely due to the light at the end of the tunnel for many due to the promise of some kind of post-COVID normality in the relatively near future.

Instead, three main factors are overlapping to create a promising 2021 – especially as the year progresses into Q2 and Q3 – for professionals involved in the luxury accessible washroom sector.

Design-Driven Doc M in 2021: Three Reasons for Rising Demand

1, End-user reassurance: Fitzroy of London experts have been seeing a constant growth in high-quality sensor-operated products in 2020 for obvious reasons. The opportunity? Increasingly savvy washroom end-users seeking a visibly smarter washroom designed not just with their accessibility needs in mind but also supporting their long-term preference for safer facilities.

Fitzroy of London can offer advice on promoting washrooms with visibly, and actively, reassuring COVID-prevention features as well as Doc M compliance. Simply ask for assistance.

2, A waiting market: With 3.2m people in the UK over 80 and 12m end-user disabled consumers with a spending power of £249bn/PA, the ever-increasing efforts by building and venue owners to access these groups of customers as they become more and more active in 2021 will see the return of prestige projects paused in 2020 due to COVID disruption.

Preparing for even more building and renovation activity, with a demand for high-quality compliant washrooms, means following the trend already seen by Fitzroy of London experts who have identified a rising number of major projects returning back into motion.

3, The compliance ‘open door’: Last year the Fitzroy of London team, who were fully operational throughout 2020 and remain at full capacity, noted greater awareness of not just compliance but the best possible combination of uncompromising design and accessibility at every level of the owner, architect, designer and trade professions.

A greater number of people than ever appreciate that ‘just’ being compliant isn’t enough. When this happens, Fitzroy of London specialists are proud to support clients produce an end result designed to go the extra mile – in terms of design, usability and quality – for end-users.

Our portfolio features some of the most unique and exacting briefs in the global accessible washroom industry. Our team is proud to accept the most demanding of design needs from exacting clients and does so with spectacular results.

Doc M and Your Work in 2021: We Can Help

Architecture and consulting professionals work with us in two ways:

Studio Fitzroy: A world-class design studio creating spaces and bespoke products for the world’s most prestigious properties.

Fitzroy of London Collection: A collated selection of contemporary and classic designs.

We work with ambitious professionals to bring peerless exclusivity to washroom projects…ask us how we can bring industry-leading innovation and knowledge to your next project.
That’s why Fitzroy of London’s expertise can be seen in prestige properties worldwide from ultra-high end hotels to private members clubs and much more.

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