What Makes PVD Finishing an Essential Consideration for Luxury Hotel Projects?

What Makes PVD Finishing an Essential Consideration for Luxury Hotel Projects?

An increasing number of clients who work with our globally renowned team are choosing ‘PVD’ finishes for premium hospitality washroom fittings.

The reason? It’s simple: the technique creates a wide variety of ultra-durable, high-quality finishes designed to avoid patina while remaining easy to maintain.

To launch our latest range of prestige washroom accessory finishes – including 22 sumptuous PVD finishes – this blog is the first in a series explaining how to make the best use of the prestige finish options available for high-end projects.

Introducing PVD

PVD, or Physical Vapor Deposition, finishing involves a number of intricate stages but, ultimately, vaporises a material in a vacuum setting to create a ‘coating’ on the target metal.

The incredibly hard-wearing result is explained extremely well here using the example of a common drill: “The gold or black colour on the surface of the bit is PVD. Not only does this provide wear resistance to the bit, it makes it much more aesthetically appealing.

“…rarely do you ever see the colour wear. This is a simple but effective way to convey what PVD is all about.”

The process can replicate a range of metals without the maintenance and cleaning requirements those metals would otherwise demand of an end-user.

Why PVD?

The benefits of PVD for a luxury hospitality project make the finish a must-consider for every professional who works with high-end washrooms:


  • Not just highly durable: It’s easy think of durability as resistance to wear or fade on the surface of metal, but PVD also offers excellence resistance against corrosion and scratches.Ultimately, the coating reduces friction and that means a barrier can be placed to help avoid damage to an important surface area. That’s why PVD finishing can be found in vehicles, military applications and even aerospace where ultra-dependable performance is an essential.


  • Low maintenance by design: The care requirements for metals like brass are set aside for PVD as simple cleaning is as quick and straightforward as wiping down like any other surface.For hotel projects with multiple washrooms this ease of maintenance for the hotel operator helps make a very strong case for PVD finished washroom accessories.


  • Brilliance of finish: It’s important to understand that the finish of the original, surface metal is seen in the end product as opposed to the PVD (which is, in essence, a process) itself.The ultra-thin nature of the PVD treatment means the source metal is allowed to perform visually at its very best while being protected from harm to its aesthetic effect.Finally, with today’s environmentally-conscious consumer in mind (a head-turning 32% of Deloitte survey respondents said they are actively working towards a more sustainable lifestyle) the lack of toxic waste created by the PVD process means another positive towards a hotel brand’s green credentials.

Working With Fitzroy of London

We work with owners, designers, architects and professionals to bring peerless design and compliance expertise to exacting luxury projects.

To find out more about PVD finishes and how they could work with your next project simply contact our specialist team or explore Fitzroy of London’s celebrated portfolio of work to discover how an inspirational, design-driven partnership can create truly premium results.

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