Why a Luxury Washroom Should Be at the Heart of Every High-End Building

Why a Luxury Washroom

Should Be at the Heart of Every High-End Building

Blackfriars Fitzroy of London,

Fitzroy of London clients appreciate that a prestige washroom should be a showcase space within their luxury building.

It’s worth, however, examining the reasons why a trendsetting washroom should be front and centre in any ambitious project.

We asked the Fitzroy of London team for the benefits building owners have seen as a result of their insistence on an uncompromisingly prestigious and design-led washroom for their venue.

They told us…

A Building is a Brand

For high-value building refurbishments or new builds the building becomes a brand in itself.

This means a user’s perception of the building is very much affected by their opinion of the washroom facilities which could, after all, be the first and last things seen during each visit. The process of considering how people see the building’s brand should include this consideration.

‘Just Enough’ is Not Enough

In the same way some exclusive hotels have used environmental-friendly policies as a unique selling point to stand apart as a venue, a ‘bare minimum’ approach to accessible washroom compliance doesn’t tend to be acceptable from a project ethics viewpoint for owners of buildings designed to hold a premium value.

In short: going above and beyond the norm isn’t optional for luxury buildings.

Access to The ‘Purple Pound’

Taking the UK as an example, there are over 11 million disabled people with a combined spending power of around £250bn.

Those with accessibility needs who choose to use a luxury building will expect to see the same attention to detail in a compliant washroom as they have seen in the foyer and other areas of the building.

Luxury Washrooms Mean Head-Turning Impact

A washroom designed to combine exclusivity and inclusivity means an additional, visually impactful focus to help promote the building to those seeking the luxury end of the market.

This happens for three reasons: the use of more unique fixtures with a higher quality of design and finish, the unmissably high quality of the washroom products and the fact that pacesetting design collaboration available to building owners choosing a luxury washroom has been used with sumptuous results.

Let’s Create a Lasting Impression…Together

Our clients are proud to show every single building user that their world-class property leads from the very pinnacle of inclusivity and design innovation.

Fitzroy of London offers both a bespoke Studio Fitzroy option, with in-house designers working in partnership with your team, and a range of core Collection finishes featuring contemporary and classic choices.

To discuss your property and plans with a Fitzroy of London specialist call +44 203 773 1050 or email sales@fitzroyoflondon.com.