Why Premium Washrooms Matter for Prestige Venues: Advice from Industry-Leading Hoteliers

Why Premium Washrooms Matter for Prestige Venues

Advice from Industry-Leading Hoteliers

Our work, led by global accessible washroom influencer Bradley Culmer, means we have the honour of working on some of the hospitality world’s most sumptuous and trend-setting accessible washroom designs.

During consultations around product choices, or throughout Studio Fitzroy collaborations, hoteliers often discuss the reason why they choose to make premium accessible washroom fixtures and fittings a feature of both the design and visitor experience of a space.

That’s why these simple reasons for proudly installing high-end accessible washroom products are frequently heard during meetings between leading hoteliers and the Fitzroy of London team:

Details matter…always

The most memorable escape to a truly world-class luxury hotel is often remembered by the guest for the attention to detail in factors like customer service, cleanliness and dining. Those same customers value the use of genuinely high-quality, design-led products in everything they see and – most of all – touch.

When details matter, peerlessly luxurious finishes, the brand behind a product, the quality of the craft behind a product and how the item sits in harmony with the prevailing design all matter too.

Consistency counts

A stunning reception experience can be ruined by a badly-prepared guest room and a spectacular meal can be lessened by inattentive service. Similarly, a hotel guest visiting a luxury accommodation provider will expect to see the high standards they’ve enjoyed elsewhere in the hotel reflected throughout the experience.

This includes each washroom. Why? Because design or quality corners being cut in a washroom, including in the choice of accessible washroom products, will suggest that corners have been cut elsewhere too.

Ethics is a minimum…not a maximum

Similarly, a prestige hotel rarely accepts a ‘just good enough’ approach to any decision, including choices impacting its ethical policies.

A compliant accessible washroom may well be a minimum requirement under official requirements in a hotel’s jurisdiction, but for a cutting edge business standing apart as a design leader in how accessible washrooms are provided is a natural choice.

Great designs need partners, not generic suppliers

When a new or existing hotel has set its sights on being the premium venue of choice for discerning travellers in its catchment area, working with businesses who simply ‘supply’ products with no regard, or capability, to align with the hotel’s uncompromising approach to quality is simply not acceptable.

Instead, hoteliers will expect to work with passionate, dedicated professionals with experience in surpassing the needs of prestige clients.

Invest in innovation

Very often, a ‘buy once, buy well’ approach is highly recommended for top end hotel owners. Not just because timeless design lives up to its name or because exceptional quality in a product means enduring reliability, but also because innovative design features in the premium end of a market can include functionality features made to present extra value.

For example Fitzroy of London removable accessible washroom fixtures and fittings can be demounted should a specific guest prefer a non-accessible washroom or – crucially – if a building is being prepared for sale.

Ultimately, world-beating hotel brands and ambitious new entrants to the industry alike understand that the every decision made, every policy and every ethos at the foundation of their business must be world-beating too.

That’s why Fitzroy of London can not only provide stunning, expertly-crafted accessible washroom fixtures and fittings from its Collection range, but can also work along designers to create bespoke work or even lead a washroom design project through its celebrated Studio Fitzroy design house.

To discuss your accessible washroom project with a Fitzroy of London specialist call + 44 203 773 1050 or email sales@fitzroyoflondon.com.