Contractors Working on Luxury Hospital Projects: Your Complimentary Doc M Support Checklist

Contractors Working on Luxury Hospital Projects: Your Complimentary Doc M Support Checklist

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Creating a superb inclusive washroom with trendsetting visual impact for prestige clients can be a challenge, but that’s one reason why we’re proud to say this unique specialism isn’t just our passion….it’s all we do.

This means we offer decades of combined knowledge for clients, including contractors working on high-end hospitality projects, on a daily basis to help customers with the best possible support before, during and after their work with luxury Doc M products.

We asked a Fitzroy of London specialist for a Doc M Complimentary Support Checklist to help make sure you’re accessing all the help available for a better design-led Doc M experience with optimum final results.

Read on to explore seven ways your time spent on high-end Doc M could be easier and better supported:

1, Free spec and compliance checks: A dedicated inclusive washroom supplier account manager will happily offer detailed help with spec and compliance.

2, Data sheets for products: Easily-accessible information for all fixtures and fittings should be available.

3, Fast, frequent delivery: For example Fitzroy of London offers rapid, next day delivery of stock items to your site everywhere on mainland UK every single day.

4, Online guides: ‘How to’ information should be on-hand at all times.

5, Product compliance as standard: Look for ranges with 100% Doc M and latest BS8300 across every product (for example: all Fitzroy of London products).

6, Flexibility of finish: Demand the versatility needed for great results, for instance Fitzroy of London offers the ability to match brassware from any manufacturer.

7, It’s good to talk: Members of the Fitzroy of London team regularly spend time talking to customers about their projects and listening to feedback as this often means finding new ways to support their work.

We will consult with you over finishes, whether that’s one of our 26 standard colour options, a bespoke colour match, or even an entirely new material. Our experienced consultants can help you determine what’s right for your project.

Ready to experience a better Doc M support for luxury projects?

Fitzroy of London’s specialists can help create high end hospitality washroom accessories, and spaces, through Core Collection products, customised fixtures and fittings, and even full Studio Fitzroy design partnerships.

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